Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 12: Buffalo Wild Wings, Cornbread, Snacks.

Even though the above picture is horribly blurry, at least it shows pretty much exactly what I ate yesterday.

The boyfriend and I ended up going down to Denver to pick up a friend from the airport. The night before, I had asked if he would be okay with suggesting we go to a restaurant down there, The Jerusalem Restaurant in Denver. It's a little out of our way, but restaurants like that up here are basically nonexistent, and we've both eaten there before.

So then his friend got in the car and suggested Buffalo Wild Wings, and boyfriend immediately said okay. And apparently didn't hear me when I asked, "What about that other place we wanted to go to?" Okay. So we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Which, don't get me wrong, I do like, but we can get that almost anywhere (except where we actually live). At least the friend bought us lunch. I got a grilled chicken wrap with Asian Zing sauce and onion rings.

I didn't really feel much like eating again that day, so I mostly just ate some more leftover cornbread and some chips and kiwiw.

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