Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 36-40

I think I'll try and keep this mostly limited to just pictures, because most of this is stuff I make or am exposed to often, and would like to save it to write about later in the year.

Obviously, this doesn't represent every meal I ate, because I'm trying to cut back on duplicates.

This was some potato soup that I was given to at a free event. And it was delicious. But since there was nowhere to stand and I was trying to balance multiple things in two hands this, picture is god awful. Soup was provided by The Cavalryman Steakhouse, where I've never eaten because I'm pretty sure I can't afford it.

More pizza, that we got on the same night at a different event, from Domino's. There was so much leftover that they were giving entire boxes away - which I totally took advantage of.

The best chicken fried steak I've probably ever made, smothered in way too much gravy.

A closeup of some leftover chili.

There's a skull in my drink! Delicious Honey Ale from The Library.

Trying to sneak a photo of my buffalo chicken wrap from The Library.

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